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Katy Perry's "Roar," Adele's "Hello," Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" and Pharrell's "Happy" have all received the Cam treatment in recent years, with the "Burning House" singer usually delivering her cover performances while seated, calmly and confidently paying tribute to her contemporaries from all corners of the mainstream.Performing in honor of Joy Week — an annual tradition focusing on live appearances, guest spots and overall good vibes — she brought similar laid-back poise to Bieber's song, rumbling through her lower register for the song's verses before climbing into the stratosphere for each chorus.Originally Posted by Militaratus I actually talk that casual to random strangers, but once private cam came into the conversation I started egging it on, knowing I was talking to a bot.The only thirst I had was for coffee in the morning, or water to spit out of my mouth of laughter.Being refused a kiss isn't a pleasant experience, but when one woman's date (or at least, we assume it was her date) refused to kiss her on an NBA kiss cam, she made the most of the situation and kissed the man sitting next to her instead.When her partner refuses to kiss her and instead pays attention to his beer, she simply turns to the man on her other side and politely asks him to kiss her.Still, it has to be better than Mitchell's problem with Cameron: Cameron wears bicycle shorts.

Meanwhile Jay tries to prove a point to Gloria by attending a quincenera thrown by one of his employees, and Haley gives Alex sisterly advice on how to be cool.

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I said I don't like watching camgirls, but the bot just prattles on and even giving me a link (didn't click on it obviously).

I made screens of the conversation so I can prove this really happened, but honestly the last place I would expect to find these kinds of chatbots was on PSN.

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It's just a small peck, but is enough to send her partner off in an angry huff.

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