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For soils and sediments the carbon content varies greatly.If the % carbon is unknown then please contact us about conducting testing a sample first.In a combustion and graphitization setup like that installed at INFN-LABEC, Florence, measurement can be easily performed using an elemental analyzer when combusting the sample prior to graphitization, thus requiring no extra effort (or extra amount of sample) during the preparation procedure.Bone samples recently 14C dated at INFN-LABEC have confirmed that the measurement of C/N atomic ratios can give some indications of the collagen quality.Sample size If at all possible, please send only the amount required for the radiocarbon dating.Minimum and optimum weights are given in the table below.

Plant eating animals (herbivores and omnivores) get their carbon by eating plants.It is also standard to coat fossils during their extraction and transport.Acetone is sometimes used while extracting fossils, because it dissolves dirt.How does one select archaeological material and decide upon the number of radiocarbon samples to date in order to maximize gain in absolute chronological information and minimize cost?More specifically, how does one assess whether measurable improvements in dating accuracy can be achieved for an acceptable level of resource investment?

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