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One of the most common elements in the universe, carbon is now utilized in many ways. It is classified with group 14 of the periodic table.

The following are some of the common applications of this non-metallic element.

William Ramsay discovered argon when he first saw its spectrum and realized it matched no other’s. Cavendish was unhappy that so little was known about air.

He was particularly unhappy about the lack of information about the fraction of air (the majority) which was not oxygen.

As carbon dioxide, it can be found in dry ice, fire extinguishers, carbonated and fizzy drinks.

Vegetal carbon is sometimes used as a gas absorbent or bleaching agent. Application of Carbon Element Graphite is one of the three carbon allotropes. It is used in steel processing, pencil lead and lubricant.

Carbon dating is applicable on deceased life forms; it cannot be used for rocks.Africans were the first to organise fishing expeditions 90,000 years ago.At Katanda, a region in northeastern Zaïre (now Congo), was recovered a finely wrought series of harpoon points, all elaborately polished and barbed.If it could, he would know that air was entirely oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.Cavendish used an electric spark in air to react the oxygen and nitrogen to form nitrogen oxides.

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You’ve drooled over your own teammates’ high-dollar race rig that has more carbon fiber on it than the International Space Station.

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