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Megan fondly recalls a romantic whirlwind trip abroad in 2006 with her then-boyfriend. “I was straight out of school, and he did make significantly more money than me,” notes Megan, an East Village resident who asked to not use her last name (for fear of intimidating future boyfriends).

The pair started their journey in London, then worked their way across Europe, making pit stops at each country’s famed fashion houses — Chanel in France; Prada, Etro and Gucci in Italy — picking up fashionable pieces along the way. “But I was happy to contribute and pick up whatever I could.” After enduring the past winter, everyone in New York needs a vacation — but that balmy trip to St. A new study by the airline trade association Airlines for America shows costs for spring vacations are the highest they’ve been in six years.

Leaflets on Earthquakes and Tsunami At the beginning of the main vacation time the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences would like to point all holidaymakers and tourists who travel in earthquake- and tsunami-prone areas to its information leaflets "What to do when you experience a strong earthquake" and "Information on Tsunami".

The leaflets are intended to provide all those who are residing temporarily or for longer in potential risk areas abroad with advice on how to behave during strong earthquakes and tsunami.

Call it the “Vacation Effect.” You went on a couple dates with a great guy. Then came the kicker: As soon as you logged in another fantastic date, you had to leave for a weeklong family reunion in Colorado. Or did your vacation schedules wreck your dating momentum?

Then he announced he was off to Europe for two weeks. Then he was off to his college roommate’s wedding in Atlanta. You’re pretty sure he’s been back in town for a while, but he hasn’t called. Even though summer seems like a romantic time of the year, it can be hard on your dating life.

Of course, budding romances survive busy summer schedules all the time.

People are often hesitant to start communicating with someone if they know they’ll be out of town and won’t be able to set up dates.

And while absence makes the heart grow fonder, that’s mostly true for established relationships.

During those delicate early days, mismatched travel timelines can throw a monkey wrench into dating pacing. When I saw him in July, he told me that he’d finally met a woman he really liked and had been dating her for a month.

Everything seemed to be chugging along nicely when he went to Oregon for his nephew’s baptism – and then his annual guys’ houseboat trip at Lake Powell.

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