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Hurricane Harvey is plowing through the Gulf of Mexico oil fields and heading toward the Texas coast.

The storm comes a dozen years after Katrina, then Rita, slammed the region, damaging oil rigs in the Gulf and refineries along the shore.

Unsurprisingly, Americans over the age 65 and residents of the South are least likely to support a racially-mixed family. They will just have to get over the fact that there are over 5 million interracially-married couples in the US, according to the latest census data. But which group, among all interracial marriages, are the most common? Take a look at the percentages behind America’s interracial combinations:points to “a steady flow of new Asian and Hispanic immigrants” in the West as the reason behind their high rates of interracial coupling.

And now, let’s talk about our favorite topic here at Madame Noire Business: Money!

is an American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).The anonymity of the internet allows people to hide facets of their personality, from a relatively harmless lie about weight, to lies about financial problems and even creating a fake persona – this is called catfishing.If you aren’t careful, you may be out of pocket and broken-hearted.Morton-Humphreys told police about her plan, but they did not help her with the sting or arrest the man selling it.She had been worried that her blue Cube bicycle would be sold to someone else if she didn't act quickly.

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